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Salad Spinner Art 4

Once again, I have been a bad blogger this week. 2011 has been a bad year for me, health-wise. My tooth crown had to be redone, so I spent two mornings at the dentist. Then on Wednesday, I had sinus surgery and the recovery has been a bit draining. I can, however, now breathe freely through my right nostril. I only had one side operated on as that was the only side with documented structural issues. Twenty years ago, I had major sinus surgery and there is a lot of scar tissue left from that. From what I gather, that surgery was done during the “dark ages” of sinus surgery, so my doctor at the time, wouldn’t have been able to reach as many places, done as good of a job, and so forth. Anyway, the scar tissue on this side had cilia that were going the wrong way, so my healthy cilia would push bacteria in one direction and my scarred cilia would push it right back. The end result being, the bacteria could never escape my right sinuses and I had chronic sinus infections.

Salad Spinner Art 5

Anyway, Gohan did what bookwork he could. We are still struggling with finding the correct language arts curriculum. Finding curriculum geared towards teenagers, who are a couple of years behind in reading and several years behind in spelling, is hard. A lot of the curriculum is either too difficult or too childish. In addition, the curriculum that I have found that is aimed at dyslexics in his age bracket tends to be too remedial.

Salad Spinner Art 2

Keeping Dora occupied, however, has been a challenge. I am not supposed to be carrying her or bending my head down. So we saw Puss in Boots twice last week, went to the park and actually met and befriended another homeschool family with a 4 1/2 year old girl that Dora got along with very well, and did a lot of crafts. I couldn’t do cooking or crafts that required a lot of me, physically, so I really had to reach into the furthest recesses of my memory (let me tell you, those recesses run deep!) to come up with crafts that would keep her occupied, not overly strain me, and did not require materials that we did not have on hand.

Salad Spinner Art 1

Our most successful endeavor ended up being salad spinner art. We first started with a store-bought art spinner, but were a bit disappointed with how awkward it was to manipulate. Then Gohan wanted to do the craft also, so I suddenly remembered that I had a long time ago read about someone using a salad spinner to create art. I don’t feel that I came up with the best technique yet, but certainly the salad spinner art came out just as nice as the art spinner. We ran out of art-spinner paint, so used tempera paints for the rest of the prints. We simply put the square of paper in the salad spinner, put some paint globs on the paper, put the lid on the spinner, and spun. We found that it was best to “anchor” each piece of paper by making sure one dot of paint was on each corner of the paper. We also found that if we spun our salad spinner too fast, the paper would fly up on the side of the spinner and ruin the print. Overall, I am hoping to fine tune this project, because I believe it has some great potential.

Salad Spinner Art 3

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