Montessori Monday: Christmas Activities

Making Gum Drop Tree 2I got this great idea for a gumdrop tree from Chasing Cheerios. I liked that Dora got to work on her fine motor and practical life skills, while also enjoying a fun craft. I’m going to confess that Dora quickly tired of it. I , on the other hand, felt the need to finish mine and worked on it a bit at a time all day until I did.

Making Gum Drop Tree 1

We learned a couple of secrets to working with toothpicks and gumdrops, if you want to avoid being poked by the toothpick. Firstly, is to push the gum drops into the Styrofoam with something such as a wooden spoon, or as in Dora’s case, hammer it in with a wooden mallet. I, on the other hand, found it easier to break the toothpicks in half and put the broken/duller end into the gum drop.

Making Life Saver Ornaments 4

We also made these pretty Life Saver ornaments. We did learn that when the recipe calls for bagged Life Savers, they mean it. The rolled ones don’t melt for some reason.

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