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Gingerbread Workshop 1I’m really late in this weekly summary, but our weekend was insanely busy and this is the first chance I’ve had to get anything done on the computer. This week, we looked at gingerbread. We read a version of the Little Gingerbread Boy, plus watched the Little Bear episode where they make gingerbread cookies (Little Bear being one of the few shoes that Dora will watch). We went to a gingerbread house making workshop. Afterwards, I learned that you can now buy the gingerbread houses pre-assembled. Part of the reason I do this annual workshop is so that I don’t have to assemble a gingerbread house, so next year we just may buy a kit and do it at home. The gingerbread house above is one of the ones they had on display that are made by local companies.

Gingerbread Workshop 3

In addition, we went to Volunteer Park in Seattle to see their seasonal conservatory display.

Vollunteer Park 5

Vollunteer Park 2Vollunteer Park 8We also did some seasonal button art, using popsicle sticks to make ornaments and making Christmas trees on paper. If I was doing these again, I’d paint the popsicle sticks white and/or glittery and let them dry before doing the craft with Dora.

Button Ornament

Button Trees

I haven’t talked much about Dora’s math recently. In the last few weeks, we’ve started using “Living Books” for math as she seems to hate ALL workbooks and traditional math manipulatives. This week we read How Many Snails?, which was a bit too advanced for her. Previously, we have really enjoyed What Comes in 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s? and Teddy Bear Counting.

I’ve also been doing some Montessori math work with her, such as these wooden cards and counters that I bought from Kid Advance Montessori. I have decided to stick with these two approaches, Living Math books and Montessori math materials, for teaching Dora math for the time being. This is all very new for me as I have not used either method to teach math, or any subject for that matter, to any of my other kids. Dora just seems to naturally respond to a Montessori/Charlotte Mason approach, however, while my other kids have preferred more traditional learning tools or unit studies. Of course, Dora is only three, so who knows what we’ll be doing three years from now.

Wooden Cards and Counters

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