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Reindeer Festival 1

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, not only have I not been blogging much, but I’ve not even been reading many blogs this week. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed this school year and Thanksgiving break just wasn’t long enough for me. So I’ve been in kind of a “meh” mood.

Reindeer Festival 2

Anyway, what did we do this week? We studied reindeer, sort of. We did go visit and feed reindeer at our local zoo’s Reindeer Festival. We also saw Santa and told him from a very safe distance that we want a baseball bat for Christmas. Santa seemed mighty confused by this girly girl, all dressed in pink, asking for a baseball bat, but I tried to reassure him that I was sure that he and his elves could handle this seeming contradiction.

We did not read The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett, as I had hoped to do, because Dora became obsessed with The Mitten, which is also by Jan Brett and now refuses to read any other Jan Brett book. The Mitten is a cute book and I enjoyed reading it more with Dora, because last year I read a review that discussed all that was going on in the side mitten cutouts. I really hadn’t paid that much attention to them before and did not realize that they showed what animal would be next on the right side, while showing what the boy is currently doing on the left side. In fact, the cutouts are what have caused Dora to become obsessed with the book in the first place.

Gingerbread Cookies

I had also hoped to read Gingerbread Baby, which is also by Jan Brett, but as I mentioned Dora won’t read any other Jan Brett books. We did make gingerbread cookies, however, using this gingerbread cookie recipe. I have to say that I think that these are the best gingerbread cookies that I have ever had! They are very soft and chewy, which is how I like my cookies. They have a good ginger/molasses taste without being too overwhelming for my kids. We had planned to decorate them with frosting, but Dora decided that she wanted to use milk chocolate chips and pearl sprinkles instead and I have to say that the chocolate/molasses combination was quite tasty.

Glitter Paint Ornaments 5

In addition, we made some Christmas ornaments using empty glass balls and Martha Stewart brand acrylic paints, both of which I purchased at Michael’s. I got the original idea from this post over at Educating Lucy, where they used nail polish instead of paint. We didn’t have nail polish and we first tried using tempera paints as the using the words “Dora” and “acrylic” in one sentence makes me extremely nervous. The tempera paints did not work very well, so I bought some more ornaments and the glittery acrylics and my house and sanity are still intact (well, that is assuming that I would known that I was insane, if I was insane, I’m not sure how that works…). The ornaments did come out quite nice and colorful, as Dora chose some very colorful paints (i.e. not the colors I would have chosen Smile).

Finally, my mother-in-law arrived today and Dora just cannot get enough of her Grandma, who will only be here for three days. So Dora may be a bit sad next week, as she still hasn’t recovered from my parents having the audacity of returning to their house after visiting us in October.

How about at your house? Have you been doing any interesting crafts for any of the holidays? Which holidays do you celebrate? Dora’s hairdresser comes from a very mixed heritage and told me  that her family celebrates HanuChristWanza!

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