Montessori Monday–Smell Bottles

Smelling Bottles

Last week, Dora studied the sense of smell. I didn’t post a weekly wrap-up, because the unit was cut a bit short. One task that we did complete, however, was matching smell bottles. I put a cotton ball into each bottle and then dropped a few drops of various extracts on to each cotton ball. The extracts I used were vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, orange, rum, and anise. Each pair had one black-topped bottle and one white-topped bottle, but I also added colored stickers to the bottoms of the bottles for control of error.

Dora was easily able to match the bottles. I must emphasize, however, that we learned the hard way that extracts are just too strong for those of us with a strong sense of smell. If I were to do this again, I’d use more mildly scented things such as pine needles, orange peel, etc. This would require opaque bottles, so that she couldn’t see the objects, but would be more pleasant for both of us. Both Dora and I had horrid headaches by the end of the activity. Neither of us had any desire to do any other of the sense of smell activities that I had planned, such as making scented play dough or painting with spices.

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