Did You Think That I Stopped Following You?


You may or may not have heard that Google Friend Connect will be retired at the end of this month for non-Blogger blogs. That means that if you have “followed/joined” a blog that is hosted on a non-Blogger platform, you will no longer automatically receive blog post updates from that blog. What I have been a bit unclear about, is how self-hosted Blogger blogs will be affected. I own my blog’s address, meaning that “blogspot” is not part of my web address, but I do use the blogger platform. Several other blogs follow the same practice. It guarantees that you own your blog name, makes it easier to switch over to other platforms if you become dissatisfied with Blogger, yet allows me the simplicity of using the Blogger platform.

I was in the process of switching over all non-Blogger blogs to RSS feeds, instead of “following” them, when I realized that “following” blogs is just a pain at times. It makes it really hard to “un-follow” blogs in general, but especially blogs that go private or are deactivated. Plus, there were times that I had accidentally “followed” a blog and subscribed to it’s feed, so would end up seeing the same post twice in my reader. So, I just decided that I am only going to use RSS feeds for now on. So if you area blogger and I suddenly “un-followed” you, I didn’t really stop following you, I’m just reading yours posts via RSS feeds now instead of GFC.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff