DIY Bendy Fairies

DIY Bendy Fairy

I found this great tutorial for making bendy dolls and I thought they would be a great step up for Dora in her small doll play. She currently has a dollhouse where the dolls only move at the waist and shoulders. I wanted her to be able to have her dolls be able to sit, hold onto things, etc. As Dora has recently been introduced to Tinkerbell movies, I also wanted more of a floral fairy look than the tutorial uses, so I used an artificial flower for the skirt and left the embroidery floss plain for the shirt. I also hot-glue gunned on some wings that I cut off from some artificial butterflies that I found on sale. Overall, I was happy with the end result, given that this was my first bendy doll, though I want to work on making better faces in the future and I’d like to hide the pipe cleaner in the hair better.

Later, I found a book from Klutz that offers some different approaches to making flower fairies. What I liked most about this book, however, is that you get tons of flowers with it. It is just one ring/petal for each flower, but that’s all you need for a skirt. So instead of spending a fortune on buying artificial flowers, you just buy this book and have enough flower rings/petals to make tons of flower fairies.

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