Montessori Monday–Polishing Silver

Polishing Silver 1

Sometimes, I feel like the Montessori Method is just an excuse to use my three-year-old as a slave! Not really, but it still is a bit hard to wrap my head around the fact that Dora considered polishing silver to be one of the most fun things that she has done in her entire life. Part of this was that the silver we polished was baby spoons, forks, and knives that are in my silverware pattern and that my older children had received as baby gifts and were very tarnished after so many years (my silverware is not actually silver and I use it daily, I’m not sure why they made the baby versions out of silver). Since we polished them, Dora has been using them every day. She loves having access to small versions of the regular silverware. She has even been using the small baby spoons (most of the spoons are actually what I would call junior spoons). As a side note, if you were ever given baby silverware that matches your pattern, I find that they work great for serving things like petite pickles, chutneys, hors d’ouevres, etc.

Pink Tower - Brown Stairs Extension

We also did some brown stair/pink tower extension work. Honestly, I could spend all day playing with the pink tower, brown stairs, and knobless cylinders.

Geometric Solids 1

Finally, I was moving the geometric solids and Dora saw the box and asked to see what was inside. She has really enjoyed them. I was quite surprised as she has heartily resisted my efforts to introduce her to the geometric cabinet. Perhaps, I am introducing them in the wrong order? It seemed logical to me that 2D shapes would come before 3D, but clearly Dora begs to differ.

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