Preschool at Home–The Human Body

Vivi Checking Her Heart

This week we studied the human body, focusing on the heart for Valentine’s Day and the kidneys so that Dora might understand a little bit about what has been making her so sick. We used See Inside Your Body, which kind of scared Dora at first, but by the end of the week, she was fine with all of the pictures except the muscles one. I really liked the number of lift-the-flaps the book has, I’m not sure if she would have been engaged by the book without them. I kept things simple and only read the main text and what was under each flap. I also gave her a real stethoscope. She has a couple of play ones for her doctor kit, but was very excited to get a real one and went around checking everyone’s hearts. The photo above is of her checking her own heart. If it isn’t obvious, she has started picking out her own clothes, and she loves mixing and matching prints! I have matured some as I have aged, so I am able to let her enjoy doing this, during this time when she can get so much joy from matching her favorite clothes without the self-consciousness that comes for most of us as we age. I wasn’t so mature with Secunda and Tertia and have always regretted suppressing their creativity in that aspect. I was fine with them mixing and matching at home, but always made them chose matching outfits if we went in public. Now, I could care less if people care about Dora’s wild combinations.

We also read The Valentine Bears, which is about a couple of bears who set their alarm clocks for February 14th,  so that they can celebrate Valentine’s together. It was written by Even Bunting and illustrated by Jan Brett, so you’ve got an award winning duo there, but I didn’t feel that it was an award-winning book. I’m a bit of a cynic about Valentine’s Day, however, and I think that greatly altered my outlook. The older I get, the more I want to rebel against the holiday altogether.

Of course, we did one requisite Valentine’s Day craft. When Dora wasn’t looking, I colored a white heart on watercolor paper. Then I told her that if she painted the paper, my secret Valentine to her would be revealed. She started painting with the watercolors and could see the heart being revealed, but I finally had to guide her to paint on the outside more as she was about to rub a hole in the paper trying to get the paint to stick on the heart! She was so impressed, she had me do some other secret messages and I showed her how it was done then. I still had to work with her to get her to paint on the borders of the images more than trying to force the image to appear by painting heavily on the crayon resist part.

Heart Crayon Resist

Though her kidney/bladder infection was controlled most of the week by antibiotics, she caught a bad cold from Gohan, so we did not go on any fieldtrips this week. We see the pediatrician on Monday, so will hopefully have more answers then.

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