Preschool at Home–The Human Skeleton

X-rays 1

This week, Dora and I continued to look at the human body, this time focusing on the skeleton. We started off the week by reading two good books about the skeleton. The first was Jessica’s X-Ray.

The book’s illustrations aren’t the best, but it includes several real x-rays in it. In addition to traditional X-rays, they cover MRI’s, CT Scans, and ultrasounds. I had no idea that the book covered ultrasounds, but it was so nice that it did, because the next day found us at Children’s Hospital getting an ultrasound of Dora’s kidneys! It was really great, because she knew exactly what to expect. The technician had never heard of the book, but was really impressed with Dora’s understanding of the what to expect.


I will warn you that if you decide to use this book, I personally found the MRI image a bit creepy, as you can see the person’s eyeballs. Dora was not afraid of it at all and she is very sensitive, so maybe it’s just me, but I felt I should give you all a head’s up that it might scare some children.

We also read the book Bones: Skeletons and How They Work. This book was aimed at somewhat older children and some of the pages scared her, so I ended up setting the book aside for right now. It looks like it will be an excellent book to come back to at a later date.

X-rays 2

We had fun putting together this skeleton made from true-to-life human x rays. The photo at very top of this post is of the x-ray of the hand on our light table.

Child-sized Masterpieces on Frames

We didn’t get a to particular craft project this week, though, as always, Dora did lots of painting, coloring, collaging, and other art forms on her own. She has lost interest in the Child Size Masterpieces series of art matching cards (probably because she has maxed out all the cards that don’t require reading to do and hasn’t had any new cards to match for months). I even took the cards out of their folders and displayed them on easels in an effort to make them more enticing, but no such luck. So I brought out some books that I had left from Gohan. I have very few materials left from Gohan as I didn’t want to save many things for ten years. I only saved a select-few, very-special items. One of which was the Katie art series. This series of books is about a little girl named Katie, who frequently visits the art museum with her grandmother. Every time she is at the museum, she slips away from her grandmother and climbs into some of the paintings. Through her adventures in the paintings, children learn a about art history and appreciation.  I had worried that the series would be a bit too advanced for Dora as Gohan was a few years older when I read them with him, but Dora loved the book I set out. I only set out Katie and the Mona Lisa and plan to set out one new book a week as long as Dora is interested in the series (or until we run out of books, whichever comes first).

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