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Rootbeer Store

Dora and I finished up looking at the five senses this week with studying the sense of taste. Ideally, I would have had Dora experiment with the Montessori tasting cups for this unit, but I knew that she would not have appreciated tasting extremely salty, bitter, or sour foods. Since she is so good about taking her various liquid meds, which she absolutely abhors, there was no way that I am going to pressure her to taste anything else that she does not like. So we went on a field trip to The Root Beer Store instead. I have been meaning to go there for ages and this proved to be a good excuse. It did not teach Dora about the various types of taste buds, but it did reinforce the idea of tasting things with our tongue and comparing various tastes. Plus, it was fun! Can you believe that they have 100+ types of root beer, not to mention all of the brands of root beer “cousins” that they carry (sarsaparilla, cream soda, ginger beer, etc.). If you are ever in the Seattle area, they have two stores and host root beer tastings on the weekend.I did have a craft project planned, but was not able to do it, because of the stupid splinter in my finger (read my previous post if you want to know exactly how dangerous splinters can be!). We read tons this week, but the the best book we read for this unit was Handa’s Surprise, which was a really cute and funny book that taught Dora about some fruits that she has not tried yet. We also read Taste (Five Senses). We have really enjoyed this whole series. It teaches about all of the senses at a level that a preschooler can understand. I also really like the illustrations, which border on being Waldorfian (yes, I just made that word up, but it sure sounds so cool – it almost sounds like something out of Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica!).

M and M math

Finally, we read the M&M math book, which I used to love when my older kids were younger, but hated this time around. I am now just much more aware about the fact that we don’t need things like candy to entice children to learn. I also am more sensitive to the nutritional ramifications of using candy in the learning environment. I had not actually planned to buy M&M’s, but Dora really wanted to try the exercises, so I broke down and bought some. She has made it clear that she feels we should have M&M’s every time we read the book, so I am going to discretely dispose of the book sometime this week.

Lightbox with Valentines Gels

We, of course, spent a lot of time playing with our new favorite toy (or I should really say MY new favorite toy), the light box. For starters, we played with some Valentine’s Day tic-tac-toe gel clings on the light box.

Light Table with Mirrors

I also followed Play at Home Mom’s DIY instructions to set up a mirror exploration station for our light box.

KidQuest 9

By this morning, Dora’s new antibiotics were really kicking in, so she wanted to get out of the house. She specifically requested that we go to the Children’s Museum again. It was great to see her have so much more energy this week. She spent so much more time exploring things. We finally had to leave and she had only seen about half of the museum. Boy was she worn out tonight though! The one thing that she spent the most time on was, surprise, their light table! I guess light tables are kind of the new fad (or maybe they’re an old fad and I’m just really slow). I was very disappointed with the quality of the bulbs that the museum uses. You can see above that the light is very yellow and not very strong. They did have translucent magna tiles there, however, which we probably won’t be buying as they are just so expensive and I am not convinced that their learning/fun value equals their price.

KidQuest 6

Dora also spent a lot of time exploring the giant ball run and water table.

KidQuest 12

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