The Dragon with a Girl Tattoo

I don’t often write about my older three children, since I am not homeschooling them anymore. I just had to share one funny story about one of them though. I’m sure most, if not all, of you are aware of the book by Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Well, Secunda decided that she wanted to read it and placed it on hold at our local library. After several months, the hold finally came up. Except that it ends up that Secunda kind of mixed the title up a bit and she received The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo instead. Of course, the rest of the family found this to be rather hysterical, but Secunda was just annoyed. When I first saw the cover, I laughed so hard, my stomach muscles hurt the next day. I do not plan to read this book as I did not even like the original (I know, shock! As much as I love books, how could I have the audacity to not like such a popular book!?!? Sorry to disappoint, but it’s just not my style.)

Just to further share in the humor, here is the description from Amazon:

Lizbreath Salamander is young and beautiful. Her scales have an iridescent sheen, her wings arch proudly, her breath has a tang of sulfur. And on her back a tattoo of a mythical creature: a girl. But when Lizbreath is drawn into a dark conspiracy she will have to rely on more than her beauty and her vicious claws the size of sabres …A dragon has disappeared, one of a secretive clan. As Lizbreath delves deeper into their history she realises that these dragons will do anything to defend their secrets. Welcome to the world of The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo. A world of gloomy Nordic dragons leading lives uncannily like our own (despite their size, despite the need for extensive fireproofing of home furnishings), a world of money hoarded, a world of darkness and corruption. A world where people are the fantasy.

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