Light Box Fun and Fiascos

Light Table Blokus

So we’ve still been having fun playing with our light box, as you can see in the photo above, where we were playing with the Blokus game pieces on the light box. So much fun, in fact, that I decided to build a box to sit on top of Dora’s little table. Yeah, I know, uh oh! “Maureen” and “build” in one sentence spells “trouble”. Forever the optimist, however, I continue to think of myself as a DIY’er-in-training. I actually spent a lot of time and care designing the box, cutting the wood, and painting the wood. I even cut the piece of acrylic without it cracking, which is not easy. I measured twice and cut once, and all of that. Then I tried to finish it all up by attaching the final pieces. I started hammering a nail into the main board, the most basic task of the whole building process. Easy peasy, right? I hit the nail once, twice, thrice and whammo! the ENTIRE board cracked apart. Seriously! Countless hours of work were thrown away by that one fateful nail. I have no idea why it cracked. It was scrap lumber, so maybe it was too old? I was very disappointed, to say the least. I considered buying new wood and redoing the ruined part, but it was just too much work to contemplate for my sad and weary self.

Light Table Viscosity Toys 1

Anyway, we have still been having fun with our small light box. In all honesty, I am kind of glad that it happened because I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the thought of using so much plastic with the light table. The fact is, a lot of the fun light table stuff is plastic and I’ve been trying to avoid plastic. I’ll never get rid of it all, that’s not practical, especially given that the rest of the family is not on board with this, but I don’t need to go building an open-invitation to plastic to come over for a house warming party.

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