Montessori Monday–Egg Tray

Egg Tray

This week I set out an egg-themed sensory tray that was inspired by a product from a ASCO Educational Supplies in the UK, who doesn’t even post their prices, so I am assuming is incredibly expensive (not to mention the charges for international shipping). So I created my own tray of multisensory eggs with some cooking implements. The cooking implements proved to be unnecessary and went straight into Dora’s toy kitchen. The eggs, however, have been a huge hit. I either made them, bought them on Etsy, or found them at thrift stores. There are wool felted eggs and nest, wood eggs of various sizes and colors, a tin nesting egg, a sea glass egg, some marble eggs, a stone egg, a paper mache egg, a wood egg wrapped in beads, a carved wooden egg, a crochet bird, nest, and egg with button closure and baby bird inside. Some of the eggs are so beautiful, I plan to keep them for myself afterwards and am going to start collecting eggs. The photo just does not do justice to the carved wooden egg, marble eggs, or stone egg. The carved egg literally brought tears to my eyes when I opened it. It is from an Etsy store called Happy Flying, and came all the way from the Ukraine. The stone egg is also from Etsy, from Our Planets Treasures and once again, my photo just does not do it justice, it is gorgeous! The beautiful and glittery marble eggs are from a store in India called Raw Simple and once again were bought through Etsy and this store gives beyond fabulous service! Dora’s favorite egg is the wooden one wrapped in beads, which is from another Etsy shop located in the Ukraine, called UrkWork. I did go a bit overboard on this tray, but it kind of became an obsession for me once I saw how many pretty eggs one could buy. The variety of textures, color, and weights are incredible and Dora has spent countless hours exploring the eggs. I don’t collect anything at the moment, so I am kind of excited to be starting a collection.

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