Montessori Monday–Rainbow Sensory Tub

Rainbow Rice Tub 1

Last week, I broke down and set up a sensory tub for Dora. I was inspired by this post from Share and Remember. I felt the need for some cherry rainbow-ness in our household and wanted Dora to be able to practice pouring with dry ingredients. I included various metal, wood, and glass pouring and scooping implements. The problem we had with this sensory tub was the food coloring coming off the rice. The gel food coloring that I used did not come off, but the liquid food coloring, while easier to work with and yielding brighter colors, came off very easily and dyed everything it came in contact with. I will note that the liquid food coloring that I used was from a neon pack of colors, so not the usual colors. I don’t know if that was the problem or what. Almost immediately, I had to take the wooden tools out of the tub, as they were being turned blue. Finally, Dora said she wanted me to throw the tub out, as it was “yucky” (meaning turning her hands blue). In the post, Stacy mentions using liquid watercolors and I think I will try that if I ever decide to do something like this again.Mir‏ror Polishing 2

We also did some mirror cleaning, which I had never done in this way before. I got the tablet from Montessori Services. The child wipes the tablet with a wet cloth, applies it to the surface, then wipes the surface clean with a dry rag. It is very easy to see where the polish was applied. It did a very good job of polishing Dora’s handheld mirrors and Dora really enjoyed examining herself in her newly cleaned mirrors.

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