A Week of Flower Studies

Botanical Gardens 18
This week Dora and I studied flowers. The book we read for this unit was a lovely book, called Jack’s Garden, which is a take off of the Jack’s House rhyme. The book is beautifully illustrated and teaches about all of the elements that go into a healthy garden, such as seeds, soil, water, insects, etc. Framing the illustrations are more drawings, which are close-ups of the things being discussed on that particular page.
Jack's Garden 2
We used a Montessori flower puzzle and labels to discuss the parts of the flower.
Flower Puzzle
We then used this Guidecraft Flower Match Garden Patch set to study sorting and patterning. I was a little disappointed with this set, because the magnets that hold the leaves/stems in place do not work very well, so the leaves and stems just slide down.

Flower Garden Sorting Set

Of course, Dora planted some flowers of her own, in pots she picked out, using these seed mixes from Imagination Childhood
Flower Planting
Then we made paper flowers with Klutz’s Chicken Socks Make Your Own Paper Flowers kit. You could easily do this yourself with colorful paper, coffee filters, muffin liners, tissues, etc.. Tipnut has directions for making all sorts of paper flowers.Paper Flowers
Finally, we went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden. We didn’t see much of the gardens because Dora was obsessed with the small waterfall near the entrance of the park. She would take any fallen flower she could find and throw it in the waterfall and try to make it go all the way down to the pond at the other end. As you can see in the photo below, she began to test the boundaries by sticking her toes deeper and deeper into the waterfall. Eventually, she soaked her feet such that we had to go home.
Botanical Gardens 5
The gift shop, which Dora thought was a toy shop, but actually specialized in $30+ delicate glass figurines, had two ceramic figures that I thought were so funny, I just had to share them.
Botanical Gardens 11 Botanical Gardens 12
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