We’ve Released Our Bugs!

Ladybug HatchingWe’ve officially released all of our bugs. Our ladybugs did the best of all the bugs, with at least 5 of them making it to adulthood. It is a bit hard to see, but in the photo above, the ladybug on top is actually “hatching” from its pupa stage. Our butterflies didn’t do as well, though I believe our cats are largely to blame for that, as once they got to the caterpillars while in the jar and were batting the jar around. Then when the first butterfly hatched, they went ballistic and attacked the butterfly pavilion. So we only had two butterflies to release and they did not appear to be able to fly. None of our earthworms hatched, so I dumped them in our yard. I figure, if they do hatch, it’s great for the soil, if they don’t, they’ll biodegrade.

Meanwhile, I found a HUGE earthworm under Dora’s sandbox when I went to move the sandbox. Unfortunately, I did not photograph it, but it was about 1 foot long and as thick as my thumb!

I’ve decided that we probably won’t do anymore of these insect kits. I would rather Dora start observing wildlife in a more natural setting, such as on hikes or nature walks.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff