Forest Friends Accessories

Gnomies 1

Recently, we bought Dora a set of Gnomies, which she calls her “forest friends” or “dollies”, depending on her mood. Gnomies aren’t cheap, but they are really high quality. Also, I consider the price a reasonable investment given that I plan to to use them with a toy tree house , in lieu of a grammar farm when the time comes to teach Dora grammar (I was inspired to do this by this post at Kathy’s Montessori Life).

Stepping Stones and Baskets

I also decided to start making some other items to accessorize the tree house, which Dora will be getting for her birthday. So I started teaching myself to needle felt by making a set of stepping stones for the dolls. I also picked up some cheap baskets at a craft store and Dora uses those to put things in for the dolls to carry. The dolls don’t have hands that open and close, but their arms bend very nicely and she can easily secure baskets on the dolls’ arms.

Felt Flowers

Dora was using the stepping stones as pillows for her dolls, so I thought I would make some leaf and flower blankets out of wool felt. I blanket stitched all around these to give them a bit more oomph. I also needle felted the centers of the flowers. In order to get the wool roving to stick to the felt, I found that I had to needle felt on both sides of the flower. This made the flower nice and soft in the center. So, Dora immediately decided that flowers made better pillows than stepping stones. Which means that I ended up making five flower “pillows” and five leaf “blankets” and now Dora using the stepping stones to make paths for her dolls.

Felt Leaves

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