Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees in Suburbia

Planting an Apple Tree

Dora and I are currently looking at trees in preparation for Earth Day and Arbor Day. As part of this study, we went to the nursery and bought an apple tree for Dora to plant. We have a very small yard, so it might seem a bit crazy for us to be planting an apple tree. A few years ago, however, I learned about dwarf fruit trees. Since then, I have vowed to eventually have a mini orchard in our yard. We currently have a peach tree, an apple tree, and a cherry tree. The cherry tree, however, is a sour cherry tree, which I did not realize when I bought it. I think I am going to get rid of it, as we just don’t use sour cherries and don’t have the extra space. In addition to dwarf fruit trees, we are once again trying to raise a vegetable garden. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might remember that I gave this up before, as we got rats from our rock wall, which abuts a city street. I have now learned some new techniques for preventing rats, so am giving this a go again. I also hope to start raising chickens in a couple of years. Eventually, I’d like to have an urban farm. I am a bit constrained by our homeowner’s association and city ordinances, but as this recession continues year, after year, and people are becoming more and more eco-conscious, not to mention health-conscious, I have noticed that our city is letting up some on the rules regarding urban farming. In fact, they are in the process of creating a community garden, so if the rats return, at least we’ll have that option! Smile

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