He’s So Chippin’ Cute!

Chipmunk 4

I posted in the past about our issues with getting rats in our rock wall when we try to grow a garden. So I wasn’t completely surprised a couple of weeks ago, when a flurry creature ran out of our rock wall, though our vegetable garden hasn’t even started producing yet. As I watched the creature run by, however, I realized that it was no rat. It was a chipmunk! Dora is a huge fan of the Chipmunks movies, so she was very excited by this development. I wasn’t so sure, knowing nothing about chipmunks other than that they have funny voices. I did some research, and though a couple of websites predicted an immediate and tortuous death for anyone with a chipmunk in their backyard, most seemed to think they were pretty harmless and could even be beneficial. The biggest concern seemed to be that they might tunnel. Well obviously this wasn’t a concern for us, as this fellow had settled on our rock wall as his a home. Further research reassured me that rabies in such small animals was very rare in our area. So I decided to relax and even took some photos of him. Unfortunately, we have seen neither hide, nor hair of him for the last two days and I am very worried that he has met his demise.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff