Trees Montessori Style

Tallest Tree Stacking Tower 1

As we continued with our tree theme, I brought out a set of cardboard stacking blocks, which I had bought months ago from a consignment shop. The set replaced and older set, which had been used and abused, such that it was falling apart. Dora seems to like these cardboard blocks much more than the pink tower, probably because she can knock them over after she has built with them. I, of course, prefer the pink tower blocks because of the added challenge of the blocks all being the same color. This added challenge became extremely apparent this week. While she still struggles to build the pink tower, she built this new cardboard tower of blocks in about 10 seconds flat. Another aspect that I about the pink tower is that it can be combined with the brown stairs for various extension activities. Nonetheless, cardboard building blocks, such as these also play a roll in our household. One thing that was kind of neat with these particular blocks was that they formed a tree on one side.

Tree Puzzle

We also used a Montessori tree puzzle to study the parts of a tree. Finally, Dora planted her dwarf apple tree, which I posted about earlier. We didn’t do any other Montessori-related activities, because we were too busy enjoying the sunshine!

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