Montessori Monday–Vegetable Gardening

Strawberries 1

This week, Dora and I did some thinning of our vegetable garden. The carrots are super crowded, because she just dumped all of the seeds when we were planting. Fortunately, the pumpkin plants are more spread out. I actually planted the strawberries by myself. They arrived as tiny starts. We were supposed to get 50, but I only got about 35 out of them, of which only about 25 have taken root.

Apple Blossoms 1

Amazingly, Dora’s apple tree is doing really well, for having just been planted. It looks like it will be budding soon.

Apple Sorting Set

I also set out a fruit tonging/sorting set. Though she has sorting down, she doesn’t have much patience for spooning, tonging, chopsticking, etc. these days. So she ended up just using her hands to sort the set.

What about you? Are you doing any fun Montessori activities in your house?

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