An Option to Montessori Tactile Activities

One problem that we have encountered with using the Montessori method in our house is that Dora will not, under any circumstances, wear a blindfold. She also loves to peek when trying to match items, so asking her to close her eyes has not been an option for us either. This has made using the fabric boxes, thermal tablets, baric tablets, and grading tablets very difficult, to say the least. Recently, I stumbled upon a game, called Ruff’s House, from Learning Resources. The game is essentially a plastic (eek, plastic, I know!) doghouse with a little stuffed dog, and twelve pairs of bones that have different textures. The doghouse has a rubber flap opening that allows a player to reach in the doghouse without seeing what’s inside. You put one from each pair of bones in the house and the other bones in a pile. The player choses a bone from the pile and then tries to find its match inside the house. The materials that the bones are made from include satin, fleece, corduroy, spikey plastic, smooth plastic, and more. Dora had a lot of trouble with this game at first, but can match them all now (most of the time).

After playing this game, I realized that a similar game could be made with a drawstring bag and the various Montessori boxes and tablets, much like the matching common objects and geometric solids bags that people use.

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