Crazy Fieldtrip to the Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center 3

This afternoon, Dora and I spontaneously decided to go to the Pacific Science Center. When we arrived at the Pacific Science Center parking lot, there was a sign stating that the parking lot was closing at 4:00 PM, which was odd. “Oh well,” I thought, “I’ll just park in one of the other parking lots.” And this, my dear friends, is when things turned ugly. Firstly, my favorite Seattle Center parking lot has been converted into apartments. In addition, I had not realized that every school in Seattle was on a fieldtrip to the Seattle Center today, so there were a bazillion buses, teachers, and students to navigate around. Nor did I know that they were setting up for the Northwest Folklife Festival today, which meant that a lot of lanes were blocked by trucks and even more people were darting across the road, right in front of my car.

Pacific Science Center 2

I eventually found parking on the opposite side of the Seattle Center, which meant a long walk. This would have been fine, as the weather had turned out to be quite fine by this point, except that the main reason we had decided to go the Pacific Science Center was to see a preschool planetarium show, which started at 1:30. I had arrived at the Pacific Science Center’s parking lot at 12:45, but by the time I navigated around all the people, buses, and trucks, parked my car, walked all the way to the Science Center, and waited in line to get tickets, it was 1:45.

Pacific Science Center 1

Even worse, the King Tut exhibit just opened yesterday and everyone and his brother was there to see it. Then, more bad news, the Science Center was closing early, at 3:30! To add insult to injury, many of the displays were closed as the staff prepared for the evening charity event that they were closing the museum early for. Plus, the people working there were just rude about the whole thing. They were so fixated on setting up for tonight, they made us feel like unwelcome guests, who had overstayed their visit. The whole experience made me so mad, I never wanted to go to the place again.

Pacific Science Center 4

Except…. Dora was in heaven! She had no idea that any of the exhibits were closed and she was also oblivious to the science center staff’s rudeness. She spent twenty minutes just in the Gemini capsule model, pretending to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. She also loved the IMAX To the Arctic 3D movie that we saw, which was about polar bears (she clearly has inherited my father’s love of documentaries!). After watching the movie, we caught the tail end of the live science demonstration, which was about bubble physics. The photo at the top of this post is of the guy lighting hydrogen bubbles. Pretty awesome! Pacific Science Center 11

Plus, when we left the museum, there was a cotton candy stand and Dora got her first taste of this culinary delicacy. That alone, is reason enough to go back in Dora’s opinion! So I guess we’ll go again, except next time we’re taking a bus so that I don’t have to fight the Seattle Center traffic and find a parking spot.

As an aside to any local readers, they are now calling the Center House, “The Armory”. It ends up that it used to be an armory. I really can’t see myself ever referring to it as “The Armory” though. It’s been the “Center House” as long as I’ve lived here and there is absolutely nothing militaristic about it in my opinion. In fact, I couldn’t even remember the name when I got home and had to look it up. I wonder what the reasoning for the name change was….

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