Montessori Monday–Felt Buttoning Snake

Felt Buttoning Snake 2

I first saw this felt buttoning snake on Counting Coconuts two years ago. I originally had not planned to make it, since I purchased the Montessori dressing frames instead. There was just one problem, Dora hated the dressing frames and would not do them, at all. So they currently are at the homeschool consignment shop near us, waiting to be bought by some other unsuspecting bozo homeschooler. After the dressing frame failure, I tried taking the approach of just teaching Dora dressing skills as I did with all my other kids, by helping her learn to dress herself. Slight problem, she has really struggled with learning to dress herself (a concern of mine). Buttons and snaps particularly elude her. Hence, the felt buttoning snake. It is really simple to make. In fact, if I can make it, the odds are very greatly in favor of anyone being able to do it. Making the snake entails sewing one button to a ribbon, which the child then “buttons” the felt squares on. I also sewed a larger button on the other end of the ribbon to keep the felt squares from being able to come off. The hardest part of the whole project is not dying of boredom while you cut out about 50 felt squares with slits in them. Thus far, Dora has been very interested in this activity, largely, because for some reason, it makes a great “horse rein”. Apparently, it is also fun to wear as a stylish belt, with the buttons dangling over your butt. Buttoning the squares on the ribbon, not so much. If, however, the squares suddenly are all removed from the ribbon by an “unknown and annoying creature”, well, Dora will button some of the squares back on by herself.

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