Pipe Cleaner Sun

Styrofoam Sun Tray 2

This week, Dora and I continued to look at space, focusing on the sun. We watched a BrainPOP Jr. episode about the sun and then made a Styrofoam and pipe cleaner sun. I spray painted the foam yellow earlier in the week and cut the pipe cleaners in half. Poking the pipe cleaners in the foam created a very interesting tactile sensation as we could feel the Styrofoam crunching. Dora found the sensation to be a bit disconcerting and eventually wanted me to be the one to inset the pipe cleaners so that she could remove them. For all you Montessorians out there, the fine motor skills required to stick the pipe cleaners into the foam would qualify this activity as practical life work also.

Styrofoam Sun Tray 1

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