Sun Prints and Sand Art

Sun Prints 1

Today, Dora woke with quite a high fever, but of course, that still didn’t slow her down much. She rarely gets colds, gets them very mildly when she does, and gets over them quickly. It makes me quite jealous! So, her energy levels were still such that we still spent a lot of time playing outside in our yard today. While doing this, we continued with our “sun” theme and made sun prints. Dora was not very impressed with this activity. I don’t know if it was because she was somewhat grouchy or if it was because she didn’t quite understand what was being accomplished. Below is the print she made with rocks. Above is one of the prints I made. I confess, I was having a blast doing these and did several, which just made Dora grouchier. (BTW – I did not kill a butterfly for this project, the butterfly in my picture was made with one of the stencils that was included in the kit). Part of why I enjoyed them so much, is that I did the early versions of the sun print kits with Primo, Secunda, and Tertia and let me tell you, sun prints have come a LONG way baby! Back then, you had to lay out the objects in a black bag so that the paper didn’t get any light until you were ready. So you couldn’t see what you were doing and if you let in a sliver of light, the paper would show that sliver of light. The kits today are so forgiving, it is amazing! The kit we used was the Toysmith Solar Print Kit, but there are several other brands available.

Sun Prints 2

Yesterday, Dora and I made colored sand bottles. We just poured layers of colored sand into glass bottles by using a funnel.

Sand Art 1

I tried to show Dora how she could shift the sand by poking a stick or straw in the bottle, but she found that to be a bit too difficult. Although this may have just been because she was already getting sick, so she was being more easily frustrated. Anyway, when she is more ready to practice her letter formation skills, we’ll dump out the sand and use it in a tray to practice letter tracing.

Sand Art 2

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