Visiting Our Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market 1

Our city’s farmer’s market opened last week and Dora has already become obsessed with it. I hope she can still enjoy it in the summer, when it starts getting much more crowded. Of course, it is outdoors, so that gets her in a great mood right off the bat, regardless of the weather, but she is also absolutely fascinated with the wide variety of produce, crafts, foods, etc. Today, there was someone doing henna tattoos for $5 and I seriously contemplated getting one and am kind of regretting that I didn’t do it while I had a chance. Also, someone brought a goat, which I found to be a bit ironic, given that dogs are not allowed at the market. They also have a kids’ craft table every week and one of the local Montessori schools always brings some Montessori materials. I feel kind of weird about hanging out at their booth, when I have no intention of sending her to their school, but she zeroes in on it the minute we arrive. It is kind of fun to listen to the teachers discuss Montessori with prospective students’ parents. The fact that most of the teachers and a large percentage of the parents are from India kind of adds some extra flavor to the conversation, I always love listening to their melodic English pronunciation. I’ve begun to wonder if Montessori is particularly popular in India. It certainly seems to be a popular choice amongst the Indian parents here.

Farmer's Market 2

Dora’s favorite part of the market is the music, of course. Every week they have a local performer/band. She and many other young girls just run up to the “stage” and dance. Last week, the performer joked that it was the largest “mosh pit” that he had ever had or probably will have (this is probably true as he was an acoustic musician).

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