What We’ve Been Reading Wednesday–Moons and Mysteries

This week, Dora and I have been studying the moon. For a literature selection, we’ve been reading Bringing Down the Moon, by Jonathan Emmett. I found our copy at our local homeschool consignment store. I’ve been trying to transition to using more library books with Dora, as she has reached the age when she doesn’t necessarily want to hear the same book over and over again. She is also finally at the age when the library books aren’t so chewed up by other children, that it seems unsanitary to use them. This was a hardback book for a good price, however, and Dora has loved it, so I’m glad that I actually purchased this one. Bringing Down the Moon is a cute book about a mole who wants to bring the moon down so that he can have it. I think the main attraction to this book for Dora has been the onomatopoeia (and I thought studying poetry terms in 10th grade was a waste of my time,! Ha! Here I am, 27 years later, and I get to use the word “onomatopoeia” in a pseudo conversation! And yes, I did have to look up how to spell it!). The book has phrases like, “Swish, swish, swishety, swish” and Dora has just been enraptured with them.

Meanwhile, Gohan has had a very bad cold, so we have not progressed at all with the The Dark is Rising, though ironically, Primo overheard us listening to it and now is reading it himself. Gohan has really struggled with following the story, so I doubt he will want to “read” the rest of the series, but I suspect that I will read it on my own, just because I hate leaving a series unfinished. Plus, I’ve gotten a bit sucked up into the story.

On my own, I have been catching up on the Gaslight Mystery series by Victoria Thompson. I usually am very good about staying caught up on my favorite book series, but since Dora was born, my organizational powers have gone to hell in a handbasket. So I suddenly realized that I was several books behind. The last two weeks found me reading Murder on Sisters’ Row (Gaslight Mystery) and Murder on Lexington Avenue. The series takes place during the late 19th century and stars Sarah Brandt, a midwife, and Frank Malloy, a New York City police officer. There is an underlying romantic current that runs between the two characters. I am hardly a Harlequin Romance reader, but even I can’t help, but find myself wishing that Frank would scoop Sarah into his arms and kiss her passionately (while at the same time admitting that this would probably be the ruin of the series). Sigh…. Anyhoo… the series has taught me a lot about the 19th century (in particular, that I am very glad to not be living in it, especially as a woman – and an Irish Catholic woman at that! oi vey! My life would have been very unpleasant, indeed!).

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