What We’ve Been Reading Wednesday–Fractured Fairytales, Ladybug Girl Returns and More

This week was a big reading week for Dora. As I have mentioned before, Dora is obsessed with fairytales. So I have been reading some of the fractured fairytales to her. For the most part, she doesn’t like these books and gets upset at the skewed versions. For some reason, however, she likes take-offs of The Three Little Pigs. So this week we read The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, by Eugene Trivizas, and The Three Little Fish And The Big Bad Shark, by Ken Geist. In the first, it is the wolves who are the innocent, little victims and the pig who goes around destroying their super strong homes. The ending is a little cheesy, but Dora thought that the turn of events was hysterical.

In The Three Little Fish And The Big Bad Shark, sticks pretty true to the original format, except that the pigs are replaced by fish and the wolf by a shark. Also the ending is a bit kinder, without being cheesy at all. Both books are good reads for fans of the Three Little Pigs.

In addition, we were quite excited that the latest Ladybug Girl book by Jacky Davis, Ladybug Girl and Bingo, arrived on our front porch this week. In this latest adventure, Ladybug Girl’s family goes camping and their dog, Bingo, gets lost! What happens next? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

My personal favorite read for the week was A Pet for Petunia, by Paul Schmid. The book is about a little girl who, like many little girls, wants a pet. Unlike most girls, however, Petunia wants a pet skunk! In my world, the book could have been horrible and I would have still loved it, because I find the mere idea of a child wanting a pet skunk to be totally hilarious. Also, I had to laugh, because Petunia’s theatrics are even greater than Dora’s. Dora liked the book also, just not as much as I did.

Our final read for the week that is worth mentioning was Inch by Inch, by Leo Lionni, which is about a fast-thinking inch worm, who manages to convince some birds that he makes a better measuring device than breakfast. Dora is already pretty fascinated with measuring things, so the book really appealed to her. She has spent much of the week making me “measure” her various body parts like the inch worm did (with my fingers being approximately one inch apart).

Gohan has continued to be sick, so we had no new middle school reads. I have just been reading the latest edition of The Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

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