DIY Bubble Wand and Kite

Homemade Bubble Wand

As I mentioned yesterday, Dora and I were looking at wind this week. I had two wonderful craft project planned that I felt really illustrated the concept of wind. The first one, making a beaded bubble wand, I had seen beautiful pictures of on several blogs. Plus, I had a lot of beading material left over from when I used to make jewelry, which I have not been able to do since Dora was born. Here, it is important for me to point out that since I knew I had a lot of supplies left, I didn’t bother with checking my wire supply. I then talked to Dora about the project and got her super, duper, duper excited about it! Imagine my surprise when I went to get my supplies out and noticed that the only wire I had left was 14K gold! Of course, I couldn’t not let her do the project after I had talked it up so much. So enjoy this photo my friends, it is probably the first and last 14K gold bubble wand made with a mixture of semi-precious and cheesy plastic beads that you will ever see. Dora enjoyed making the wand, but when we went to use it, it was practically useless. That night, I went online to look at the various blogs that had given me this idea in the first place, to try to figure out what I did wrong. I quickly realized that though all of them had lots of photos of beautiful photos of wands, none of them actually had any photos of kids blowing bubbles with the aforementioned wands. I did, however, find this post from The Artful Parent, who did a comparison of DIY bubble wands and figured out that the best wands were made with pipe cleaners. Yes, nice, cheap pipe cleaners! Oh Irony, you are my constant companion!

Making a Kite 4

Our next project was to make a kite. As I grew up in San Diego, this was something that I did many times in various classes and camps, so I felt fairly comfortable with doing this project without any instructions. Plus, I had actual, real kite paper, how could anything go wrong?!?! When I was a kid, we had to use newspaper (and we had to walk 10 miles in the snow to buy the newspaper ourselves and the snow was hauled into San Diego especially for us). I must admit that the once we started the project, I realized that my actual recollections of how to make a kite were a bit fuzzier than I had realized. I knew we needed some skinny dowels in the shape of a cross though.

Making a Kite 2

It then seemed like we needed to notch the dowels and run some string along the outside, to make the frame. Well, I’ve been doing way to many home repair projects lately and there was no way in heck that I was going to get out any tools to make a kite, so I wrapped the string around the frame and hot glued it to the dowels (hot glue being another thing that we did not have when I was a kid, I was confident that my teachers would have used it if they could have, bless their poor little Neanderthal souls). I then trimmed the paper and hot glued it to the frame.

Making a Kite 3

Meanwhile, Dora was absolutely obsessed with cutting up kite paper and gluing the pieces together and had absolutely no interest in decorating a kite.

Making a Kite 1

I finally convinced her to glue some pieces of paper to the kite, but it is most certainly not her “best” work. I then added a tail made from string and pieces of felt. The only problem with our kite has been the weather. When it is windy here, it is cold and rainy. When it is sunny here, there is no wind. Oh yeah, that’s why we never fly kites unless we go to the coast or visit my parents in San Diego! I’ll let you all know if it actually flies, if we ever get a chance to fly it.

Making a Kite 4

So, while our week of crafts was a strange mixture of some success and mostly total failure, Dora did learn a lot about wind and we both had fun!

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