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Marbleized Painting 6 copy

It just so happened that I had taken Dora to Michael’s the day before she came down with her recent cold, so she had a few goodies to help entertain her while she wasn’t feeling well (since she clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of “taking it easy”). One item we had purchased was a small, cheap set of glitter paints. She started off by painting normally with them, but slowly, but surely, things evolved to her squeezing out globs of paint on to the paper. As this was keeping her from being cranky, I was letting her go with the flow. Eventually, however, the paint began to build up on her paper, such that a big mess was inevitable. In an effort to control the mess, I suggested that we make a “print” of her “artwork”. She thought this was great idea, so we stuck a piece of paper on top of her “painting” and pressed down on it with mild pressure. My goal had been to simply mop up some of the paint, but when we turned the paper over I was quite surprised to see a beautiful, glittery semi-marbleized print.

Marbleized Painting 1

A couple of days later, the paint had run out, but Dora was still cranky and I was getting a bit desperate. I remembered having seen people online that had done marbleized artwork using shaving cream. Dora was far too cranky for me to take the time to look up any directions, so we flew by the seat of the pants. What we ended up doing was filling an old cookie sheet with shaving cream and dropping food coloring into it. We have the new Betty Crocker food coloring gels that come in squeeze tubes (when one leaves one’s husband in charge of grocery shopping, one is sometimes surprised with what he comes home with, sometimes it even ends up being a good surprise). We had eight colors and Dora just squished them all over.

Marbleized Painting 2

Then I tried to show her how to marbleize, thinking I could slip in a pseudo-cooking lesson, but she wasn’t haven’t anything to do with that. She insisted on using a stirring it with the knife.

Marbleized Painting 3

We then put sheets of cardstock on top of the “marbleized” shaving cream. When we lifted the cardstock, it was still covered in shaving cream, so I used a spatula to scrape off the shaving cream.

 Marbleized Painting 4

I think they came out quite nice. I never knew what a page would come out looking like, because Dora had swirled the color into so many layers, the paper would pick up colors that I couldn’t even see on top of the shaving cream.

Marbleized Painting 5

Were I to do the shaving cream project again, I would use a cake or Pyrex dish, instead of a cookie sheet, simply to better contain the shaving cream. I would also use something like a ruler to scrape off the shaving cream, as the spatula left streaks in a few places, since it wasn’t as wide as the paper.

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