Microwave Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint 3

This week, we decided to make rainbow pictures using microwave puffy paint. I’d seen the recipe for this posted in various places, but I used the one from Play At Home Mom. Unfortunately, I forgot that we didn’t have any food coloring on hand, thanks to our day of marbleized shaving cream painting. So I improvised and used some of our Stockmar liquid watercolors. As Stockmar watercolors cost a fortune, I used them sparingly. As a result, all of our paint was pastel colored. I also chose to have Dora paint on cardstock, rather than cardboard, mostly because I am too lazy to cut up cardboard boxes. The cardstock worked fine, other than it curled some if I over-microwaved the picture. The one thing I really hadn’t given any thought to was that, once it is microwaved, this paint is essentially bread (gross bread, but bread nonetheless). So I was already worrying about how long we could keep the pictures for, but our cats solved the problem for me. Our cats are really psychotic and will eat ANYTHING that is left out on the counter unattended, especially cornbread, for some strange reason. It didn’t occur to me to think that they would find our pictures appetizing, so I left the paintings out on the counter to fully dry, while we went to the park. When we got home, the cats had essentially eaten our paint off of our paintings!

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