Montessori Monday – Summer Light Box Fun


Putty Bubble TitleI’ve blogged before about the fun we’ve had playing with our light box, in particular, we enjoy playing with translucent homemade putty on the light box. We haven’t brought the light box out as much recently, but as the rain here has continued almost endlessly, we’ve been getting more creative with our indoor fun. So the other day, Dora asked me to make some putty for the light box. She had completely forgotten about some of the things we did with it. When I got out the straws to make bubbles in the putty, she was incredibly amazed. First she tried poking it with her finger, Putty Bubble 1then she asked to try to blow bubbles herself and this time she was able to blow them all by herself! Putty Bubble 3Finally, she felt the need to arm herself with an oven mitt for some reason, that I still don’t quite understand…

Putty Bubble 5

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