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A Miniature Kitchen for Our Gnomies

Painting Furniture For Forest Friends 3

As I have mentioned in the past, I am trying to make accessories to go with the miniature tree house that we are planning to buy Dora for her birthday. Up to this point, we’ve purchased a set of Gnomies, made the leaf and flower blankets and pillows, needle felted some stepping stones, and purchased some seasonal stackers, trees, bushes, and mushrooms on Etsy (were I to do this over again, I would at least make the mushrooms myself). Painting Furniture For Forest Friends 2

So now, we’re moving on to setting up a kitchen for our little friends. This time, Dora did some of the painting herself and boy has that made her feel very proud of herself! I had previously ordered a variety wood pieces from Casey’s Wood Products. Some of these, we used as is, but for things such as the table and chairs, I hot-glued a few items together. We then painted these items with Delta brand soy paints and polished them with beeswax furniture polish. As a note, if you ever use beeswax polish, you may be worried that the item is too oily. If you let it sit overnight, however, the wood should absorb the oil and you will be left with just a slight shine (the photo above was taken immediately after polishing the items).

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Montessori Monday–More Woodworking Skills

Slotted Bolt Board 2

Dora continues to be interested in using tools, as I am still very busy with various DIY projects right now (I learned today that stripping porch rails is much more work than it looks like!). So I brought out two more woodworking boards. The first board that I introduced to Dora was the slotted bolt board from Montessori Services. I wasn’t sure if she was going to  be able to do this board and at first it didn’t seem like she could. She continued to work with it by herself during the week, however, and was able to unscrew the screws all by herself by the end of the week. I was pretty amazed!

Nuts and Bolts Board #1

The second board I brought out was the nuts and bolts set #1 from Alison’s Montessori. Even though I had originally considered this to be more of a sensory activity, due to the size sorting, I believe that this was actually the more physically challenging of the two boards. A great amount of physical dexterity is required to remove the nuts and caps from the bolts, especially with the really small bolts. She was very interested in this activity, but was quickly fatigued by it.

What practical life and sensory activities have you been doing at your house lately? I’d love to hear some new ideas!

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