Tertia Has Graduated and Gohan is Freakishly Flexible

Levi is Flexible

Last week, Tertia completed her final exams at the community college. She has attended community college for the last two years of high school through a special program in our state. In the last two years, she earned a veterinary assistant certificate, a small animal massage therapist license, and is half way through her associates degree in business. She also has two jobs and volunteers with numerous animal rescue programs. All in all, I feel very confident in her ability to manage in the adult world, even though she hasn’t even turned 18 yet. She is definitely mature for her age in many ways and I am very proud to be her mother. I also am now officially homeschooling one child, with a preschooler in tow.

So why do I have a photo of Gohan on this post, instead of Tertia? Well, she won’t let me take any photos of her and if she ever did condescend to having her photo taken, she’d kill me if I posted it on my blog. This photo of Gohan was actually taken in the car while we were waiting for Mr. Mo to settle the tab for Tertia’s graduation celebration dinner. For some reason, I had never known that Gohan could wrap his legs around his head like this. It looks like his legs are someone’s else’s, but those really are his legs! The whole contortion looked so weird to me that I had to concoct some reason to post a photo of it. And no, he did not inherit this talent from me, it made me hurt just looking at him do that!

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