What We’ve Been Reading–The Windy and Two Days Late Version

I’m two days late with this post and I am sure that has really wrecked everyone’s week! SmileThis week, Dora and I looked at wind. We read three books about wind.Our first book was I Face the Wind and is from a four volume science book series by Vickie Cobb. We really liked this book. The illustrations are simple and modern. Experiments are woven into the narration. The narration also asks the child many open-ended questions to consider as you read through the book. My only complaint with this book is that there are not more books in this series!

We also read Gilberto and the Wind, by Marie Hall Ets, which I had never read before, even though it was published in 1978. It is a cute book about a boy and his adventures with wind. I think that the story is very compelling for the preschool-aged group as Gilberto’s character engages in timeless and genderless play. All children can relate to a wind that tugs playfully at your balloon one minute and then all of a sudden whips your balloon away. Wind is intriguing, playful, and at times, scary for children, as they come to fully understand what wind is about. The book ends on a sweetly peaceful note though.Finally, we read The Wind Blew, by Pat Hutchins. This book is often listed on “great books to read to young children” lists and I’ve never quite understood why. It is not really that funny. Nor does it teach much, in the way of science concepts. And when one compares it to Gilberto and the Wind, the storyline’s shallowness is glaring. I love a lot of Pat Hutchins’ books, this just isn’t one of them.

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