Montessori Monday – Another Fun Game for Tactile Sense Work

Months ago, I posted about Ruff’s House, a great game that we have found works better for us for working on tactile skills than the traditional Montessori materials do (i.e. Ruff’s House can work as a much cheaper alternative to the fabric boxes, grading tablets, and baric tablets) . We now have found a second, more challenging game, called Laundry Jumble Game. In this game, the child draws a card that shows them (no reading required) which laundry item they need to find in the “washing machine”. Since many of the fabrics feel very similar, one really needs to use one’s hands to explore each item’s shape. If the player retrieves the correct laundry item, he gets to keep the card. He then puts the laundry item back in to the “washing machine”, the next player draws a card, and so on. 

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