Montessori Monday – Figure Tack Zap

Figure Geo Shape Tack Zap 3

This week, I brought out a hammering set that I had bought quite some time ago, but didn’t want to introduce to Dora until she seemed ready for it. It is the Figure Tack Zap set by Haba. I know a lot of people like the Geo Shape Tack Zap set, but I thought that Dora would prefer having animals and people in her set since she usually likes to animate most playthings. She was so focused on hammering, however, that she didn’t do any storytelling, role playing, or animating. While verifying the name of the set for this post, I did notice that Haba has now added an “On Duty”/Construction set and a “Springtime Butterflies” set to their Tack Zap line of products (which is now leaving me feeling stressed that I chose the wrong set, these aren’t cheap, so it’s not like I am going to buy them all!). I also noticed that you can by a figure tacks add-on set to supplement the shape set and shape tacks add-on set to supplement the figures set. I hope they will come out with add-on sets for the construction and butterfly sets. Dora did quite well with the set. The only problem that she had was actually inserting the small nail into the hole of the wooden pieces. She was perfectly able to hold the piece with one hand, while hammering with the other, which made me very happy as I have been trying to teach her to hold her paper with her left hand, while drawing/writing with her right hand in preparation for learning to write. It is also nice to know that she will continue to develop more fine motor skills as she learns to master picking up the tiny nails and inserting them in the holes. I think that she will be very motivated to do this, just because she has to wait for me to help her make her design otherwise.

Figure Geo Shape Tack Zap 4

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