What We’ve Been Reading Wednesday–Handa’s Suprise

I posted previously about Handa’s Surprise – we used the book when we were studying the sense of taste. Recently, Dora has started requesting that I read it again, every….single…day. It is a wonderful book that really should be on more “Recommended Reading” lists. This time around, however, Dora was more interested in the African culture shown in the book and the various animals that eat each piece of fruit as Handa is walking by. Reading this book has made Dora absolutely obsessed with Africa! In fact, during a variety of her imaginary games, she will say that various people or dolls are going to Africa for various reasons. Dora also has started trying to carry various things on her head, just like Handa does. One of Tertia’s best friends was from Kenya and visits there frequently.  I’m afraid to admit it, but her stories of malaria and the anti-malaria medication possible side effects (which I just know I would suffer) have made me very nervous about visiting Africa. Not to mention the fact that she got badly sunburned there, so I cannot even begin to imagine what would happen to my fair skin! Obviously, if Dora continues to be this obsessed with Africa, I will have to get over my malaria-phobia,  invest in some super SPF sunscreen, and take her there. In the interim, I do think it is time to bring out some geography materials!  

Woodland Park Zoo 10

Since Dora was so interested in the animals in the book, some of which are less common, we took a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. Overall, it was a good day for a trip to the zoo. It was a bit cloudy, so it wasn’t too crowded (though driving there was H-E-double hockey sticks and I would like to point out that allowing street parking in the right lane on the main road to the zoo is very stupid). Anyway, we went in a different entrance than we usually do and went in the opposite direction that we usually go. The highlight of the trip for Dora was the Willawong Bird Station, where they sell seed sticks that you can feed birds with (parakeets, cockatiels, and parrots). We spent about on hour there!

Woodland Park Zoo 11

After we left the bird station, we stumbled upon the snow leopard right after it had been fed a huge piece of meat (I have no idea what type of animal it was eating). I believe that is the only time the snow leopard came out of it’s cave the whole day. So we were very lucky to be able to see this beautiful animal.

Woodland Park Zoo 14

We saw many animals, but one of the more unusual animals that we were able to see was the tree kangaroo, which never moved at all. It was kind of freaky, I couldn’t tell if it was sleeping with its eyes open or having some sort of weird staring contest, but it stood in this exact position for at least five minutes.

Woodland Park Zoo 13

In addition, I have never seen a sloth bear anywhere else, but the Woodland Park Zoo. They make you want to hug them while you are running away from them!

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