Beginning Counting Practice With Montessori Bead Bars

Montessori Math 1

Dora’s counting skills have been getting stronger and stronger, but her ability to recognize numerals is not at the same level. I have had the sandpaper numbers, counting chips/number card set, and spindle box out for quite some time and she has expressed no interest in working with those items. So I finally brought down the color bead stair hanger. She immediately took to it and insisted I also get down the teen bead hanger. She was able to do the teen bead hanger with some help from me, but since that first day, has only worked with the color bead stair hanger. To do this work, she hangs a bead bar on the hook below the corresponding number. Ideally, she would also put all of the numbers in the slot on top of the hanger, but right now she won’t even try to do this (there is a control strip below in the form of a long wooden strip that shows the numbers in order). I’m just happy to see her making the connection between the numerals and quantity at this point in time and have no problem with just leaving the number symbol wooden chips up on top, in the correct order, for her. In addition (no pun intended!), when the bead bars are put in the tray below, they make a triangle.Montessori Math 2

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff