Bellevue Botanical Garden’s Ravine Experience

Vivi, Dot, Newton, and Linus at Botanical Gardens 2

We recently went to the new Ravine Experience at Bellevue Botanical Garden with some friends. Dora was so excited to be seeing her friends, she refused to eat any breakfast and as a result, was a big stinker for the actual garden tour. So I don’t have any good pictures of the garden. This photo above is of the suspension bridge that you cross to see the ravine. The foliage is your typical Pacific Northwest gorgeous scenery, but the actual ravine is what makes the experience worth the hike. It is not often that one gets to cross over a 150’ ravine. I was a little worried that Dora would be afraid of the suspension bridge, as she is afraid of the bouncy bridges at parks, but she eagerly ran ahead and had no fear of the height at all.

Vivi, Dot, Newton, and Linus at Botanical Gardens 3

This is one of the few photos I actually took. I thought this fallen tree being held up by another tree looked really cool.

Bellevue Botanical Garden is definitely a sight worth seeing if you are ever in the Seattle area. They have a large variety of gardens, such as the Alpine Rock Garden,Yao Garden, Fuchsia Garden, etc. My absolutely favorite garden there is the Dahlia Garden, but obviously that is only if I time it right so that the dahlias are blooming. Many years ago, we went there with my in-laws. My father in-law, who has since passed away, knew all about the plants and flowers and it was his narration that initiated me into the world of plant appreciation. When we stumbled upon the Dahlia Garden, however, was the single moment when I became a passionate plant lover and gardener. Before that moment, I was of the “you’ve seen one plant, you’ve seen them all” mindset. Unfortunately, my father-in-law passed away before he could see the results of narration or before he could meet Dora, our little botanist. It has been almost a decade since he passed away from pancreatic cancer, and tonight is just one of those nights that I find myself missing him as much as I did the day he died, if not more.

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