Colored Salt Art

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I have officially given up all pretenses of sticking to a theme for Dora each week. We are now reading what we want to, when we want to, we’re doing random craft projects at random times, and we’re going on whatever fieldtrip happens to catch our fancy on any given day. We’ll get back to a more structured routine in the fall, but in the interim, we’re enjoying some spontaneity.

One craft project that we did last week was making colored salt. I colored bowls of salt with food coloring. We also tried coloring the salt with chalk, by pouring salt with a piece of chalk into a bag and crushing them together. The chalk method worked just fine, but was too time consuming for us. After we colored the salt, Dora “drew” pictures or designs on cardstock, using glue. She then sprinkled the colored salt over the picture or design. I would shake off the extra into the trash can and we’d be left with a pretty art piece. We found that this process worked nicely on colored cardstock also.

Colored Salt Art 2

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