Fieldtrip to Monroe Reptile Zoo

Reptile Zoo 1

Dora has been very interested in animals lately. We’ve been going to the zoo almost once a week. The zoo has a petting zoo with goats and sheep, but what Dora has really wanted to “pet”, has been a snake. I have no idea why she wanted to pet a snake, but she has been quite insistent upon it. So I took her to a somewhat local reptile zoo, which we have never been to in all the years that we have lived here. Dora got to hold a snake for quite some time. Then, just when the curator had to go run answer the phone, Dora decided that she was tired of holding the snake, so I got to hold the snake! That had not been part of the plan and I was very glad when another mother offered to take it so her daughter could hold it.

Reptile Zoo - Holding a Snake 2

What I was excited to see, was this Green Anaconda.

Reptile Zoo - Green Anaconda 1

See the “Crawl Underneath” sign? Dora wouldn’t do it, but I was more than happy to do it. It looked really cool underneath. Unfortunately, the snake was so long, that from underneath, I was not able to fit it’s entire body in one photo.

Reptile Zoo - Green Anaconda 3

I would not want to run into one of those in the wild! It was several times longer than me and it’s circumference was at least as big as my head! Here is a sign giving more details about this snake.

Reptile Zoo - Green Anaconda 2

Note the part that says “At this point, the female may consume one of the courting males to sustain her over the duration of her gestation period.” I think human males should take note of that and remember it the next time they think their pregnant wife is being too demanding by asking for a foot rub, or for an exotic midnight snack, or acting a bit moody.

Reptile Zoo - Draco the Black Mamba

The museum also had this black mamba, named Draco. According to the information sign, the black mamba is the deadliest snake in the world. Even with antivenin (why isn’t it spelled “antivenom” I wonder?), the survival rate of people who are bit by these snakes is only 50%. Scary, indeed!

Reptile Zoo - Day Gecko

This is a day gecko. It is not as obvious in this photo, but it really blended in with it’s terrain. It took us quite a while to find this one and we never were able to locate the second one. This provided a wonderful opportunity for us to discuss camouflage.

Reptile Zoo - Jolly the Florida Soft Shell Turtle

The cutey in the photo above is Jolly, the Florida soft shelled turtle.

Reptile Zoo - African Bullfrog

This stern looking blob is an African bullfrog. We also saw many other animals, including skinks, alligators, geckos, iguanas, etc.

Reptile Zoo - Media Room 2

The museum also has a “media room” with every reptile book or magazine imaginable. Oh yeah, it also has a movie going at all times, such as the one above. That image is of a snake’s mouth, while it is eating a rat, whole.

Reptile Zoo - Tarantula 1

Finally, there were the humongous spiders.

Reptile Zoo - Tarantula 2

I got tons of more cool photos, but I’m thinking I shared enough for most people’s tolerance levels (that is assuming that you are even still reading this post by this point). All I can say, is that Dora loved the place and wants to know when we can go back.

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