Montessori Monday – Face Painting

Face Painting 1
I would have never though to face painting as being a Montessori activity, but my mind was changed by Dora’s recent exploration of the activity. Last month, Dora was introduced to face painting at our local children’s museum. Up until this point, I had  managed to divert her attention from the face paints there. I honestly did not feel comfortable with her using face paints from a communal set and I worried that she might be allergic to the paint, as my children tend to have sensitive skin. She did not break out from the face paint, but I still could not get over my aversion to using a communal set of face paints. So I purchased a set for our home. I had hoped to find the same brand of face paint sticks that the museum uses, but couldn’t find any without wrappers (perhaps they peel them before setting them out?). So after a lot of research, I purchased the Klutz Face Painting Kit, because it uses Wolfe Brothers brand face paints and from my research, this seemed like the best brand. As soon as it arrived, I separated the paints from the book, as I wanted Dora to be able to feel free to explore her face and how she could alter her appearance and not feel constrained to doing more traditional face painting designs, such as the ones shown in the book. She has been using the paints every day since they arrived and I am going to need to order more soon. I am going to try the Wolfe Brothers’ brand sticks this time though.
The one thing that I not appreciated about face painting, was how much sensory input and fine motor skills are involved in painting your own face. Dora was mesmerized by trying to figure out how to paint what she wanted on her face by looking at her reflection. Face painting requires the child to use the visual and tactile senses in tandem and in an unique manner. For the most part, Dora has been painting her face in dark colors, in an effort to be a “scary dragon” and “scare” everyone in the household. One day, she painted her face with a more exotic design. It made her look really freaky, but kind of cool at the same time.
Face Painting 2
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