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Another topic a lot of homeschool bloggers have been tackling lately, is scheduling. I’ve never wanted to post our schedule, simply because we don’t have much of one. Then I started reading all these posts by homeschoolers who start schooling by 8 AM and I felt that I should throw in my two cents, just to somewhat even things out. I’d hate for a new  homeschooler to totally stress themselves out, just because they were trying to adhere to a strict schedule, “like all the other homeschoolers do”, not realizing that those homeschoolers only represent a portion of the homeschooling community.

Sun Rising over Lake Tochigi-ken, Japan

Honestly, our schedule has varied every year, depending on that school year’s various commitments and demands. I will also be honest and start right out by saying that, as much as I love watching sunrises and aspire to be a “morning person”, I am a night owl (which is why some of my posts are time-stamped with 2 or even 3 AM). Not only that, but every time I try to stick to an early morning routine, I find that rather than getting the “me” time that I need, my younger children get up earlier than usual. I don’t know how they know that I am up, they would do this even when I had a basement office and they were on the 2nd story of our townhome. I think it is caused by the same unexplained phenomenon that occurs when a mom tries to go to bathroom and suddenly all her children need her at that very moment.


So this would be our rough outline of a daily schedule, if I was forced to make a daily schedule. Honestly, we have different activities through out the week, so each days varies, but this gives you a general idea.

  • 8 AM: Dora and I get up, dressed, and fed (Dora would prefer this to be 7 AM, so we kind of have some morning battles during which I can be heard mumbling, “Just five more minutes…” and she yells at me, “It’s time to get up!”)

  • 9 AM: Gohan arises and I do my household chores for the day (I can’t do them in the afternoons or evenings, because Dora is a morning person and is very grouchy from about 5 PM onwards)

  • 10 AM – 2 PM: attend various classes, co-ops, field trips, activities, park days, play dates, etc.

  • 2 – 4 PM: Gohan does bookwork, while Dora and I work in the Montessori room

  • 4 – 5 PM : Review Gohan’s bookwork and help him wherever he needs it, give him the day’s spelling test, etc.

  • 5 – 9 PM: Gohan does his chores and has martial arts classes, I shuttle him around, attend meetings, etc., I will put together some sort of dinner and we eat at 7:30 PM-ish, which is when Mr. Mo gets home from work (our dinners don’t look much like other homeschooler’s dinners either, I rarely use a crockpot, refuse to cook with meat, and have GI problems that have recently rendered me practically unable to have an appetite and who wants to cook, when nothing sounds good?) Dora and I bathe and get ready for bed and Dora goes to sleep by 9 PM (ideally)

  • 9 PM – 12 AM (ideally): blogging, e-mail, lesson planning, paperwork, etc. (if I am lucky, I might fit in a little bit of pleasure reading) (See this owl? This is what I look like at midnight most nights – if I wasn’t already homeschooling, I’d have to homeschool just so my kids wouldn’t be tardy every single day)MP900407217[1]

In regards to my exercise, which is usually a core component of my life, whether it be martial arts, jogging, biking, or some other activity, my GI difficulties have been making it impossible for me to exercise for about six months or so. I do hope to get back to that soon and that is one thing I am actually willing to get up early for, albeit begrudgingly (and with much grumbling).

What about yourself? Do you have a schedule that you adhere to or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Are you a morning person or night owl or neither? What about your kids? My boys are night owls and my girls are morning people, while my husband is a morning person and I am a night owl. Go figure!

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