Pony Bead Sun Catchers

Pony Bead Sun Catcher 4This project was on my “summer to-do”, but it took me all summer to get to it for some reason. The instructions for this project can be found at Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner. The project required me to “fly by the seat of my pants” from the get go, as Dora would have nothing to do with “designing” her sun catcher. She filled the cookie cutters in about 5 seconds, by grabbing a handful of beads and dumping them in.

Pony Bead Sun Catchers 1

We used clear school glue instead of white glue. Some glue did leak out of the bottom of the cookie cutters, but I found that it was very easy to pull it off before removing the sun catchers. I did notice that after the sun catchers had dried for a couple of days, there were some places where we had not filled in all of the holes (or the glue stuck to the wax paper or evaporated or something, I’m not sure). So I just kept topping off the sun catchers with glue every few days until there didn’t appear to be any more holes. The total drying time, with this method, was about two weeks, but it was worth wait. They looked beautiful this evening with the late-summer sun shinning through them!

Pony Bead Sun Catcher 3

Pony Bead Sun Catcher 2

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