Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk

Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk 1

This week, Dora and I made squeezie sidewalk chalk, which I learned about on No Time for Flashcards. The hardest part of this project for me was finding squeezie bottles. We don’t have any dollar stores near us and I couldn’t, for the life of me, find catsup bottles anywhere else. I ended up using some squeeze bottles that are made by Wilton and were in the cake decorating aisle of Michael’s. The biggest problem with these bottles was that they are about half the size of a catsup bottle, so Dora was emptying the bottles like there was no tomorrow. For the first batch of squeezie sidewalk chalk that we made, I used liquid watercolors to color the paint. They looked pretty at the time, but by the next day, they had all dried into a whitish color.

Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk 5

So the next day, when Dora begged to do the project again, I used real food coloring. It created a very vibrant color, that is still vibrant several days later. Whether or not it will still be vibrant for the life of our porch, time can only tell, as we still haven’t had any rain.

Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk 2

Here Dora thought she’d help out by painting this patch of dead grass green.

One thing that I learned doing this project, is that it is much easier to mix cornstarch into water if you stir it really slowly. I learned this from Tertia, who learned it in an animal massage class. Go figure!

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