The Chowki in Our New Homeschool Room

Homeschool Room - Chowki - Montessori Floor Table - B

In January, I posted about our new homeschool space. It worked really well, until Dora started  having other children over to play and I quickly realized that our expensive Montessori materials would not last long if I left them out in the playroom. Coinciding with this realization, Secunda moved out of the house to attend college. This freed up one large room, which Mr. Mo now uses as his office. So we confiscated his old, tiny office. It has been a challenge to make that tiny space work as an office, sewing room, and Montessori homeschool room, but I’m almost done with it.I had hoped to do it cheaply, but ended spending quite a bit of money on specialized storage shelves for some of our Montessori supplies. One other purchase I made was for a chowki. A chowki is essentially a floor table. Montessori discovered chowkis when she went to visit India. Chowkis were used as low wooden seats or stools in India. When I first saw these chowkis in the Montessori Services catalog, I immediately wanted one, because Dora and I had been having a hard time with doing several of the sensorial activities on the carpeted floor of our new homeschool room. The floor table gave a stable surface for the pink tower, knobless cylinders, etc. while allowing Dora to sit comfortably on the floor.

Montessori Math 1

Little did I realize how much Dora would go on to use our chowki. She prefers to write and draw on it, rather than any other table in the house. Its height is perfect for her to be able to do the bead bars with the beads at eye level. Also since we acquired our table, she has suddenly become interested in working with the metal insets. I’m sure we will find many more uses for it, but the homeschool room has been in such disarray this summer, due to my remodeling, we haven’t had as much time as I would have liked, to work in it.

Homeschool Room - Sensorial Materials

Another purchase I made, was for a stand for the knobbed and knobless cylinders, which freed up a lot of shelf space and has made the cylinders much more appealing to Dora. You can see in the photo above, that they are stored in our sensorial materials corner.

Homeschool Room - Language Arts Metal Insets

I also bought a metal inset stand, once again to free up precious shelf space. I’m going to be using the shelf for all of Dora’s language arts work. (The number rods are actually not supposed to be there, but I still haven’t figured out how to store them with the math materials.)

Homeschool Room - Montessori Map Cabinet and Geography and Science Materials

I had purchased this map cabinet some time ago, but am now putting it to use to store all currently-being-used social studies materials on the bottom and science materials on the top (obviously, it is not fully set up, as we’re a month away from “school” starting).

Homeschool Materials

Finally, we have our three poor, overstuffed bookcases. Dora is only using the bottom two rows of these bookcases, the rest is being used as storage. On the left bookcase is her practical life  materials, the middle bookcase holds her math materials, and the right bookcase houses the rest of the sensorial corner materials.

What about you? Have you done and rearranging for the new “school” year?

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