Introduction to Zoology

Last week, I introduced Dora to zoology. First we read What’s Alive? and discussed the traits of living, non-living, and once-living things. Then we sorted a living vs. non-living basket that I had created for her, using items from our letter boxes.

Living vs Non-Living Basket from Homeschool Mo

We then played the Wheres Mama Game, which was a challenge and took two days to complete, but which Dora was very excited to do.

What's Inside Animals X-ray Set at Homeschool Mo 7

Finally, we looked at these What’s Inside Animals? cards. These cards are pretty freaky. If you look at them without any backlight source, one side will show the animal and the other side will show the animal’s skeleton. If you look at the cards with a backlight source, such as a light box, however, you will see the image of the animal with it’s skeleton showing through. They even include photos of humans, which are shown above and below and which I found to be a bit disconcerting, but cool at the same time. Dora just thought they were cool.

What's Inside Animals X-ray Set at Homeschool Mo 8

What's Inside Animals X-ray Set at Homeschool Mo 5

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